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Elderflower Tea

Elderflower Tea

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Dried Organic Elderflower - 50g

It is commonly used as a beverage infusion to make a refreshing type of “tea”, light refreshing with a sweet, floral aroma together with slight earthiness it provides an infusion for you to enjoy at any time during the year.

Making a mug of elderflower tea add 1-2g of the tea to a teapot or infuser.

Brewing Time: 5 to 8 minutes,depending on how strong you like your tea – and pour over enough fresh boiling water as required.

Strain into a mug, sweeten with preferred sweetener e.g. honey and serve. Serve without milk, elderflower tea can also be served chilled like ice tea.

100% Caffeine Free.

The Elder tree does not produce the chemical compound Caffeine; therefore, its flowers or berries do not contain the compound.

Care Instructions

Best kept out of direct sunlight.

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