Q. What steps do you take to address environmental concerns?

    Minimising waste, using environmentally friendly or recyclable materials at every opportunity is really important to us. Lavender plant waste 'straw' is composted for reuse during propagation  or used as weed suppressing mulch around trees and shrubs on the property.
    Our hydrosols are supplied in PET1 bottles with plastic spray or screw on caps, these can be recycled or better still reused. The low tack printed paper bottle labels are also recyclable.

    We send out orders in brown cardboard boxes, which are made from a minimum of 75% recycled material and are also compostable or recyclable. Recycled wood, straw and tissue paper protect the products inside the box.

    We use kraft paper pouch packaging for lavender buds, these have a 100% plastic free heat sealable coating providing a moisture barrier. Made from renewable materials, they can be recycled and re pulped.  We are always looking to improve on packaging materials as this is potentially the our greatest waste.


    Q. Are you Organic Certified?

    No, not yet but we are working on this. We do not use pesticides, insecticides or fungicides on the property as we value and work hard encouraging a wide range of biodiversity into and around the field. As a family we eat produce grown on site - apples, plums, cherries other soft fruit (often straight from the trees) it's not in our interest to potentially harm ourselves or other living things.

    Q. Why are there preservatives in the product?

    Our hydrosol products undergo lab testing, they are either 100% Self Preserving or 99.9 % of Natural Origin, while they all have anti microbial properties, they may just miss the mark of being fully self preserving and require a little (0.1%) support. The use of Sodium Benzoate in very small quantities ensures that neither the inherent properties or colour of the hydrosol does not change, yet provides the efficacy of 12 months.


    Q. Can I return a product if I change my mind?

    The short answer is yes, please refer to our Returns Policy which can be found on the Terms and Conditions.