Living Simply Lavender is a micro business distilling therapeutic Lavender hydrosol products on-site in West Wales, UK. Applying decades of family knowledge of Lavender botanicals to bring high-quality products to you.

Pillow Sprays

Pillow sprays to aid sleep and relaxation. Our Lavender Hydrosol is used as the base ingredient instead of plain water.

Beautiful Handmade Beeswax Candles

  • Lavender

    Lavender has long been used for its aromatic, healing, antiseptic, relaxing and calming qualitites. We specifically distil our hydrosols to retain these qualities by carefully utilising a pre-determined quantity of fresh flowering plant material from Lavandula angustifolia and Lavandin sp.

    Lavandula Hydrosols are very gentle, while giving us all the therapeutic benefits of the plant, they are extremely versatile and used from the bottle. Unlike the intensely concentrated Essential Oil which should always be used carefully in a carrier oil.

  • Distilling Hydrosol

    Our traditional copper Alembic column still - affectionately named 'Cariad'* is only used for distilling lavender Hydrosol.

    Each distillation is fully recorded, our records include distilling times, pH readings, ratios and much more.

    *Cariad is a Welsh word, used daily in conversation or written, it is general term of endearment towards someone or something indicating a person has an emotional attachment or bond of affection, fondness or love.

  • The Process

    The image is for illustration purposes only.

    Distilling our hydrosol is a seasonal activity, work is centered around the lavender patch and Cariad (still). This is a manual process involving long hours throughout the harvest.

    We do not blend or adultarate our hydrosol, which is a aqueous solution containing the very potent phytochemicals and cellular water of the plant. What leaves Cariad is lovingly collected, sealed in sterile containers, rested, monitored and stored (just like wine) in a cool, dark environment until samples are collected for Lab Analysis.