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Living Simply Lavender

Ever So Simple Lavender Fly Repellent for Alpacas

Ever So Simple Lavender Fly Repellent for Alpacas

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Bringing in the love, give your alpaca the lavender user-friendly care it deserves.

Our lavender product is unique in that – it not only repels biting insects such as midges, mosquitoes and horse flies which can cause distress – but it also cools and soothes areas where bites may have already occurred causing skin irritations and dry skin.

The formulation does not contain DEET, nor does it contain any additional essential oils that may cause a reaction to you or your beloved alpaca friend or family member.

Our product is cosmetically tested. The product does not contain any ingredients with allergens.

It is listed on the EU’s CosIng Database – with no restrictions on its use. It is registered with ECHA under the REACH regulations.

Our products undergo Mass Spectrometry analysis, identifying the natural occurring organic components and compounds of the Lavender.

Care Instructions

Best kept out of direct sunlight.

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