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Rhassoul Clay 50g

Rhassoul Clay 50g

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Rhassoul is a reddish /brown clay only found in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. It is 100% mineral rich with rare earth and trace elements.

The term “rhassoul” comes from the Arabic word that means “to wash”. While the word lavender comes from the Latin origin “lavare,” which also literally means “to wash”.

This clay blends extremely well with our aromatic herbal lavender hydrosol, which brings its own gentle benefits of soothing, healing, cleansing and nourishing. Alternatively use clean non-chlorinated, de ionised water without the additional benefits.

The clay is prized for its outstanding ability to wash, detoxify, nourish and condition, it has been used by Moroccan women for centuries on their skin and hair.

The combination of both products for skin care applications are gentle on mature aging skin or types prone to a number sensitive issues, in their natural states neither lather or foam when used.

The use of gentle aromatic herbal hydrosols, hydrolats or distillates for preparation or at final cleansing will replenish and rebalance the pH of the skin.

Country of Origin: Morocco

Instructions on preparation and use come with the product.

Things to consider when using Clay Powder: A skin patch test should always be carried out when using the product for the first time.

As the clay dries on the skin it may create a tingle, irritating sensation (an itch) or light redness, this is usually normal and is not harmful.

Caution: Natural colour pigments of some clays may stain fabric – always protect clothing.

Unused Clay must be kept dry at all times.

Do not use metal spoons or bowls for preparation. Preferred materials would be glass or ceramics, with wooden spoons and/or glass stirrers.

Use glass, ceramic, wooden containers or cardboard cylinders for storage.

Care Instructions

Best kept out of direct sunlight.

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